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Seeing as the great The Bellarmine Forums are currently down, this page will serve as a temporary clearing house for some articles and texts which were there.

We are working to help get it back online, as it is an invaluable resource.

Mgr Joseph Clifford Fenton

From Wiki Commons CC 3.0


The Catholic and the Church

The Church and the Non-Catholic

Membership of the Church

The Baptismal Character and Membership in the Catholic Church

The Parish Census-List and Membership in the True Church

Contemporary Questions about Membership in the Church

The Status of St Robert Bellarmine’s Teaching about Membership of Occult Heretics in the Church

The Mystical Body

Father Journet’s Concept of the Church

An Accusation Against School Theology

Mystici Corporis and the Definitions of the Church

The Use of the Terms Body and Soul with Reference to the Catholic Church

The Act of the Mystical Body – Original Article

The Act of the Mystical Body – Criticism by Fr Brosnan, with reply by Mgr Fenton

The Papacy and its Relation to the Church

Papal Infallibility before 1870

St Peter and Apostolic Jurisdiction

The Local Church of Rome

The Apostolicity of the Roman See

Episcopal Jurisdiction and the Roman See

Vicarius Christi

The Magisterium

The Religious Assent Due to the Teachings of Papal Encyclicals

The Doctrinal Authority of Papal Encyclicals, Part I

The Doctrinal Authority of Papal Encyclicals, Part II

The Doctrinal Authority of Papal Allocutions

Magisterium and Jurisdiction in the Catholic Church

The Humani Generis and its Predecessors

Humani Generis and the Holy Father’s Ordinary Magisterium

Infallibility in the Encyclicals

The Definition of a Dogma (NB: ignore the utopian letter from a reader caught in the scanner)

Faith and Theology

The Teaching of the Theology Manuals

The Church and Catholic Dogma

Theology and Religion

Faith and the Church

The Question of Ecclesiastical Faith (NB: mentions the then-Fr Guérard des Lauriers)

Background to the Oath Against Modernism

Christ the Teacher and the Stability of Catholic Dogma


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